About Sarah Fox

Hi I’m Sarah, I have been spray tanning since 2012 and I love it. I love the people I meet, the friends I have made and how I can make women with even the most concern for their body, love themselves. You really are delivering confidence in a bottle.

Since qualifying back in 2012 I have been lucky enough to spray tan over 5000 people (women and men). It’s this experience and knowledge I am now offering as part of an independently accredited spray tanning course as I have been asked for training by so many people. 

I will help you gain your qualification and show you how to set up a spray tanning business. 

Where did it start?

My business grew from a bad experience I had with spray tanning. I wanted to treat myself to a spray tan after hearing about how good it could make you feel but I was not left with a good experience. 

I found a spray tanning salon, booked an appointment and turned up. I was greeted by a young 20 year old, with a slim figure and an attitude that made me feel like I was an inconvenience at best. 

I was given no prep advice, I was rushed through the tan, made to feel awkward when I was naked and then to make things worse I had to walk braless through the town to get to my car. 

Not a great experience at all. 

To make matters worse I smelt like damp biscuits and the tan went green. 

I was not a happy lady and knew I wasn’t alone.  I wasn’t happy feeling like this and deserved better and knew plenty of women who would want a 5 star treatment. 

In the evenings and weekends I spent the time learning about spray tanning, I read everything I could find on the internet and in beauty magazines which helped me fully understand the industry and how it all worked. 

It was time to put my money where my mouth was so I signed up for the training. 

Setting up

I originally qualified with Sienna X back in 2012 and was completed the course first time and obtained my Level 1 qualification. I sought a business mentor who was, shall I say, less than useless. She told me spray tanning wouldn’t work in Devon and no one would be interested. She was wrong. VERY wrong. 

Once qualified I started with word of mouth recommendations and spray tanning friends to help build the business, gain more experience and develop my confidence as a spray tanner. A 1 day course doesn’t prepare you for every thing you could face as a spray tan professional and this is why my training goes beyond the class room. 

Having purchased all of the kit, spray gun, tent, solution, sticky feet, disposable caps, underwear, barrier cream and consultation cards I was determined to make this work but it was no over night success. 

Getting clients

I paid for a website to be built but that delivered very little response which was annoying as it costs a lot more than the training and did nothing. I learnt then all websites are not created equal. 

I spent money on adverts, PPC (pay per click), created a Facebook page, Twitter account, an Instagram page and a website designed for lead generation and I am still testing the water today to see what else will work for my business (and yours


Over the years I have spent £1,000s on generating new leads for my business. Not all of them were successful but they were all tried and tested.

I was never naive enough to think people will just come to me and I still don’t think like that now. You have to be seen by people and you have to have a reputation like no other. This is the experience and knowledge I will be passing on to you when you sign up to my training courses. I’m not just here to teach you how to spray tan. I am here to teach you how to grow a business to a successful level and earn the money you want for the lifestyle you deserve. 

A career you'll love with the freedom you deserve.

Find out why this is the fastest growing beauty industry and how you can make a lot of money.

Flexible working hours

Work the hours you want to accommodate YOUR lifestyle. Work around your life or your family. 

Be your own boss

Work the hours you choose. Hate Mondays? Fine, stay in bed and work on Thursday instead. 

Earn great money

With the right skills you can set yourself apart from everyone else and be at the forefront of the industry. 

Work from anywhere

Want to work from home? Then you can do that. Or offer mobile and be out and about or even find a salon to work in with your new skill set. 

Learn how to grow a business

Not only will I teach you how to set up a spray tanning business but I will also show you how to make it successful day to day and long term. 

Top trade tips

You don’t need to start at the bottom with all the advice and experience I will offer you. Get all the advantages and leave your competition behind.  

Why Train with me?

Having passed my level 1 qualification back in 2012 I have seen it all. My experience and knowledge is second to none and that’s why people come to me to train. I have tanned athletes, celebrities and women of all shapes, sizes and ages. In fact I have tanned over 5,000 people (yes men as well). If you want to learn from a level 3 qualified spray tanning professional with experience second to none then you are in the right place. 

Established in 2012

Since qualifying back in 2012 I have seen a lot of changes and built up a lot of experience. You are in good hands if you train with me. 

Tanned over 5000 people

With all the experience I can offer you’ll be an expert in no time. Use my experience and skills to enhance your business. 

Level 3 qualified

I have been trained by industry professionals to a level many spray tan professionals never reach. You are in safe hands with me. 

Fully accredited

Being one of the few independent fully accredited spray tanning artists my focus is on making you the best at what you do. I’ll provide you with the skills to set up your own business as well. 

5 star rated

With a focus on excellent customer service, a great experience and an outstanding service I’ll can teach you how to grow a successful business and get a great client base. 

Fully experienced

Gain access to my experience in spray tanning as well as running a 5 star business. Discover how to set yourself apart from the competition. 

Satisfaction guaranteed

My students have already benefited from my experience and I have so much knowledge to share with you, I guarantee you’ll love the course. 

Unbias product training

Unlike many other training courses out there I do not favour one product over another when training you. I am fully independent and will teach you winning techniques. 

Online Theory Training

You’ll get the latest training on industry regulations to do at your own leisure before the practical course takes part. You will also receive a certificate upon completion of the course. 


Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Level 1 Qualified
Level 2 Qualified
Level 3 Qualified

How much can you earn?

Many people considering offering spray tans to their clients want to know how much earning potential is there. Obviously it depends on how many hours you want to put in but here’s an idea on what you can expect to bring in. 

Income above is based on offering salon based spray tans
Income above is based on offering mobile spray tans


What my student have to say...


“Sarah was very easy to talk to and her experience gave us so much information. I can’t wait to apply everything I learnt. “


“Very informative and very helpful. Learnt a lot from Sarah. Thank you”


“I’m already booking on Sarahs next course. Can’t wait”


“I learnt how to grow a business and not just how to spray tan like a professional”