Step by Step PDF

You will receive a detailed user manual upon starting the course. This highlights everything I will go through with you on the training day and you can use it as a reference guide on an ongoing basis.

3 Month Business Support

After you have completed the course I will be on hand to help you with any problems, concerns or hurdles you may face. My experience is ready to help you.

Exclusive Video Tutorials

Forgot something on the training course? Not to worry, refer back to the videos I’ll share with you and you can go back through the training again and again at your own leisure.

5 Star Technique Application

My 5-star experience is on hand for you to learn from and in turn pass it on to your clients. This is a perfect way to help grow your business and get those 5 star reviews.

Skin Prep and Maintenance Advice

Want a client’s tan to last? Need to know what to do to ensure the best tan is applied? Don’t worry, I cover it all on the spray tan training course.

Training on Skin Types and Advice

Different skin and conditions require a suitable solution applied correctly. I’ll help you navigate through the world of skin conditions you’ll come across and how to address them.

Equipment Maintenance Training

It’s not just about applying the solution to a client but you need to know about kit maintenance and how to clean everything else you need.

Discounts on Web Design

Want a website which generates leads and looks amazing as well? Then you are in luck. I have the designer on hand which has helped me grow my business and you can get a 20% discount.

Discounts on Branding and Logo Design

Once you have the skills you need the look. People will judge you and your business before even meeting you. Don’t get caught out with poor design. 20% discounts for your branding are yours.

Certificate of Completion

Once you are fully qualified you can have a certificate and show off to the world what you have achieved and that you really do have the skills to pay the bills.

Recognised Accreditation

The 1-2-1 spray tan training comes with a recognised qualification you can take to potential employers as a service you can provide for their business.

2x 1 Hour Phone Consultation with Sarah Fox

Want to talk through anything before or after the course? Any concerns you may have as well as any problems you may face? I am on hand as a mentor for you and your business.

Client Consultation Forms

Make sure you know everything you need to about a client before you start tanning them. I will go through the spray tan client consultation cards during your 1-2-1 training.

Online Theory Training

Complete online training at your own pace and cover industry essentials like health and safety legislation. Everything a potential employer will expect you to learn.



Setting up the kit

Practice makes perfect as always, but you need to know the right way to set up and things you need to consider the environment where the tanning takes place.

Consultation forms

Discover what you need to know about a client before you tan them and how to avoid common mistakes based on the information they provide you.

Choosing the right solution for the client

For the best results for a client’s tan there is a series of things you need to consider before they tan. It’s not just a case of the darkest solution gets the darkest tan.

Learn how to prep the client

A good tan is about the preparation as much as it about the technique and application. Learn how I manage to get 5 star reviews and lasting tans for each client.

Learn how to spray tan the client

It’s the technique I use which has brought me so many happy clients and grown my business so rapidly. This is something even the most inexperienced can learn.

After care advice

After care is vital for a long lasting tan. There are rules your clients must follow to ensure their tan stays at the best. You will learn all this on the 1-2-1 training course.

How much would you pay for this? Years of experience which will save you time and money. You can avoid all of the mistakes spray tan professionals make so your business can grow quicker and more successfully. 

All this information, my time and my full attention should be worth THOUSANDS of ££££’s.

Yet you can have access to all of this information, education and support for just £400.

Yeah, just £400.

However, the way things are going I won’t have much time free at this rate so you have better get booking now. We can arrange a time and date which suits you and get you on the road to success.



Having passed my level 1 qualification back in 2012 I have seen it all. My experience and knowledge is second to none and that’s why people come to me to train. I have tanned athletes, celebrities and women of all shapes, sizes and ages over all the other spray tan courses in the UK. 

In fact I have tanned over 5,000 people (yes men as well). If you want to learn from a level 3 qualified spray tanning professional with experience second to none then you are in the right place. 

Established in 2012

Since qualifying back in 2012 I have seen a lot of changes in the industry and built up a lot of experience. You are in good hands if you train with me. 

Tanned over 5000 people

With all my experience I can offer, you’ll be an expert in no time. Use my experience and skills to enhance your business. 

Level 3 qualified

I have been trained by several industry professionals to a level many spray tan professionals never reach. You are in safe hands with me. 

Fully accredited

Being one of the few independent fully accredited spray tanning artists in the UK, my focus is on making you the best at what you do. I’ll provide you with the skills to set up your own business as well. 

5 star rated

With a focus on excellent customer service, a great experience and an outstanding experience I’ll can teach you how to grow a successful business and get a great client base. 

Fully experienced

Gain access to my experience in spray tanning as well as running a 5 star business. Discover how to set yourself apart from the competition. 

Satisfaction guaranteed

My students have already benefited from my experience and I have so much knowledge to share with you, I guarantee you’ll love the course. 

Unbias product training

Unlike many other training courses out there I do not favour one product over another when tanning. I am fully independent and will teach you winning techniques. 

Online Theory Training

You’ll get the latest training on industry regulations to do at your own leisure before the practical course takes part. You will also receive a certificate upon completion of the course. 



Many people considering offering spray tans to their clients want to know how much earning potential is there. Obviously it depends on how many hours you want to put in but here’s an idea on what you can expect to bring in. 

Income above is based on offering salon based spray tans
Income above is based on offering mobile spray tans



“I had a training day with Sarah yesterday and loved every second! Not only is she fantastic as what she does she is also incredibly knowledgeable, extremely approachable and just lovely!”


“Wow what an amazing experience I’ve had (with) Tan with Fox, very helpful always there on hand to guide me through step-by-step. Thank you Sarah for getting me to where I am now. You’re amazing inside and out.”


“Sarah was fantastic at training the ladies. Would highly recommend the training”



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Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

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